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Lindsay, Pluckrose, Horkheimer, Marcuse unlocked in Secret Sartre

For immediate release. To celebrate the publication of Cynical Theories in the middle of the exciting cultural and academic climate of 2020, Helen Pluckrose, James Lindsay, Herbert Marcuse, and Max Horkheimer are now playable characters in Secret Sartre, the social deduction game of academic intrigue and ideological infighting.

“The intellectual corruption of sense-making institutions, in particular academia, that we have been witnessing in the past few decades is increasingly credited to the post-marxist ideas of Critical Theory in the Frankfurt school, rather than only the traditions of French postmodernism. Players of Secret Sartre have expressed their desire to acknowledge this perceptual shift – to allow different voices to be heard in the game, to open the shared experience to a different narrative – and Max Horkheimer has long been a favourite request among both devoted and casual players,” says game designer Thore Husfeldt.

Print and cut into four cards using the traditional, legitimising norm of rectangle. Use the card backs that come with the basic Secret Sartre game. The secret allegiance of Marcuse and Horkheimer is Postmodernism. The secret allegiance of Pluckrose and Lindsay is Science.

“To complete the Critical Theory faction, we’ve added Herbert Marcuse, father of the New Left, and another central Frankfurt school thinker. Through his advisor Heidegger, he also connects Secret Sartre to that other large totalitarian tradition of the 20th century, Fascism. This also allows us to acknowledge our ludic, ideological, and intellectual debt to the original game.”

To balance the new expansion offering, both Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay join the quixotic Science faction, championing values such as truth, humanism, evidence, conversation, honesty, and enlightenment. Pluckrose and Lindsay are the authors of Cynical Theories (Pitchstone, 2020) became famous through the Grievance studies affair.

The current expansion to the original 2015 game follows a previous expansion from 2017, which added Jordan B. Peterson and Bret Weinstein to the forces of the Enlightenment.

The game expansion is available as a free download immediately. To unlock Horkheimer for actual play in Secret Sartre requires purchase of Cynical Theories in hardcover or a sizeable donation to New Discourses.

Useless side plot with Rose and Finn both acting weird! (5,5)

Inspired, after a fashion, by The Last Jedi, Episode VIII of the Star Wars movies, here’s a cryptic crossword. Enjoy!


As a PDF: no35

1 Blaster Solo mostly nudged by mistake. (7)
5 Just in time, pervading magical force comes back, allowing clear dialogue. (7)
9 Glaring farce, bad editing without direction. (9)
10 Part of film containing origin of Ben Solo. (5)
11 Watch cyborg’s central turret structure. (6)
12 Kick oneself for taking side—postmodern garbage. (7)
14 Current leaders of rebellion investigate Sarlacc’s orifice. (4)
15 In retrospect, volcano remade operatic Star Wars charac- ter. (3,7)
19 Useless side plot with Rose and Finn both acting weird! (5,5)
20 Maybe white males immediately understand agenda. (4)
22 Expand General Grievous. (7)
25 Want Vader to embrace right side of Force. (6)
27 Acid dissolves badly-written minion without explanation, ultimately. (5)
28 Gender-bending ruined tale. Which function did Threepio serve? (9)
29 At the end of the day, Jedi virtues were misunderstood. (7)
30 Hostile alien’s stones. (7)

1 Obi-Wan looks like one who boldy shows it. (4)
2 First off, contrarian lambasted storytelling. (9)
3 Perceptive newspaper journalist supports infuriating, unsubstantial review. (6)
4 They are filled with lifeless actors, like first prequel or clone wars. (9)
5 Cassian conjunctions. (5)
6 Boring writing without emotion ultimately sucks. (8)
7 Made snide remark about dumb Last Jedi. (5)
8 Period of mother-in-law’s hestitation after supreme leader finally confused two characters. (10)
13 Terrible direction without point or taste. (10)
16 Remove classic monster? (9)
17 Alt-right teen stuck in tirade; not salient. (9)
18 Problem for armored Stormtrooper: stop odor eruption. (8)
21 Pilot mostly followed by the Spanish fictional sibling. (6)
23 Dishonest apprentice girl embodies passive female principle. (5)
24 Return of Jedi’s second space endeavour. (5)
26 Wagers Count Snoke’s head. (4)


Secret Sartre

(Trigger warning: this is satire intended to lampoon the two cultures currently dividing academic politics. It is also a fully playable social deduction game in the tradition of Werewolf, Mafia, The Resistance, and Avalon. In fact, Secret Sartre is a straighforward re-theming of the upcoming game Secret Hitler by Max Temkin (2016). Re-theming is a euphemism for theft, but no infringement of intellectual property is intended. Since this satire is about postmodernsim, intent is all that matters. The print-and-play edition of the original, including the rules, is available on-line; Secret Hitler is an extremely well-designed game with brilliant mechanics and a splendid theme.)

LogoSecret Sartre

In Secret Sartre, the faculty members of an unnamed university department battle for ideological supremacy. A fragile alliance of upstanding rationalists, logical positivists, empiricists, liberal humanists, scientists and other fetishizers of the Enlightenment must work together to stem the rising tide of postmodernism. Watch out, though – there are closet postmodernists among you, and someone is Secret Sartre.


At the beginning of the game, each player is secretly assigned to one of three roles: Science, Postmodernism, or Sartre. Sartre plays for the postmodern team, and the postmodernists know who Sartre is, but most of the time Sartre does not know who his fellow postmodernists are. The Scientists are far out on the autism spectrum and don’t know who anyone is.

The scientists win by enacting five rational policies or having Sartre fired. The postmodernists win by enacting six postmodernist policies, or if Sartre is elected Head of Studies late in the game. As postmodernist policies are enacted, the Department Chair gains new powers. Even scientists may find themselves tempted to enact postmodernist policies that help them control the table and fire their enemies. At the same time, the postmodernists conspire to construct a shared narrative space in which the social construction of their allegiance becomes the perceived Truth. Language is a weapon!

Set Up

Give each player a pair of cards, one identity and one allegiance. Both of these cards are secret and may never be shown to any other player, except (i) if Sartre is fired he immediately reveals it, ending the game in victory for the scientists, or (ii) if the Department Head investigates the loyality of a faculty member enacting the Diversity Training postmodern policy.

The composition of faculty is given by the following table:

Players 5 6 7 8 9 10
Science 3 4 4 5 5 6
Po-mo 1+S 1+S 2+S 2+S 3+S 3+S

Here are the faculty members’s identities. Except for Sartre, none of the names have any bearing on the game.
You also need an allegience card for each player. This is the cards that you show when you’re under ideological investigation from the Department Chair. You need 4 po-mo cards (for Derrida, Foucault, Rorty, and Sartre), and 6 science cards (for the rest).


Put each pair of cards in a separate envelope, shuffle, and deal.

Each player looks at their identities, making sure that nobody else sees it. The player with the highest academic degree in real life is the first Department Chair candidate. If several players hold the same degree, spend some time discussing the merits of the degree-granting institutions, possibly using a recent ranking of universities. If this does not resolve the issue, another player with an MBA can break the tie using the player’s h-index.

The Department Chair candidate now enacts the following ritual. For 5–10 players:

Everybody close your eyes. Postmodernist and Sartre, open your eyes and acknowledge each other. [Take a long pause.] Everyone close your eyes. Everyone can open your eyes. If anyone is confused or something went wrong, please tell the group now.

For 7–10 players:

Everybody close your eyes and extend your hand into a fist in front of you. Sartre, keep your eyes closed but put your thumb out into a thumbs-up gesture. All postmodernists who are not Sartre, open your eyes and acknowledge each other. Postmodernists, take note of who has extended their thumb – that player is Sartre. Think about the relationship between the signifier and the signified. [Take a long pause] Everyone close your eyes and put your hands down. Everyone can open your eyes. If anyone is confused or something went wrong, please tell the group now.

Game play

Secret Sartre is played in rounds. Each round has an Election of new faculty leardership, a Faculty Meeting to enact a new policy, and an Executive Action where the Department Chair exercises his or her power.


Each round, faculty members elect a new Department Chair and Head of Studies. These are shown as two placards (cut them out and fold as shown.)


  1. At the beginning of a new round, the Department Chair placard moves clockwise to the next player. This player is the new Department Chair candidate.
  2. The Department Chair candidate chooses a Head of Studies candidate by passing the Head of Studies placard to any other eligible player. (The two players who enacted the last policy are not eligible. In a five-player game, only the last active Head of Studies is not eligible.)
  3. Once the Department Chair candidate has chosen a Head of Studies candidate, all players (including the candidates) votes on the proposed government. You need some kind of ballot card for this for each player, such as a white and black stones form some other game, matchsticks, or the Ja! and Nein! cards from the original Secret Hitler. Players indicate readiness to vote by extending their chosen ballot card in front of them (or holding a coloured stone in a fist); discussion continues until every player is read to vote. Once every player is ready to vote, reveal your votes simultaneously so that everyone can see how you voted.

If more than 50% of the group votes yes, the candidates become Department Chair and Head of Studies, respectively. If three or more postmodernist policies have already been enacted, ask the new Head of Studies if he is Sartre; if he is Sartre, he must reveal himself and the game immediately ends in a postmodernist victory. Otherwise, proceed to the Faculty Meeting.

If the vote is a tie, or if most players vote no, the Department Chair placard moves clockwise to the next player and the election tracker is advanced by one election. (The election tracker is at the bottom of the Science policy board, see below. Use a coin or something similar.)

Student Reps

If faculty rejects three proposals in a row, the student representatives take matters into their own hands. Student policies are completely random: Reveal the policy on top of the Policy Draw Deck and enact it. Any power granted by this policy is ignored, but all players become eligible for Head of Studies for the next Election. Reset the Election Tracker after a policy is enacted by the populace or a government is successfully elected.

Faculty Meeting

You need 6 rational policy cards and 11 postmodernist policy cards. These are shuffled and placed face-down as the Policy deck.


The Department Chair draws the top three cards from the Policy deck,
looks at them in secret, and discards one Policy face down into the discard pile. The Chair passes the remaining two cards to the Head of Studies who looks in secret, discards one Policy card face down, and enacts the remaining Policy card by placing it face up on the corresponding track.

This is the track for the scientist’s policies:

Science policies

None of these policies has any effects on game play or real life, their role is only to mantain the status quo of male white dominance of Academia (includig Marie Curie as a token woman). The scientists win after enacting the fifth rational policy.

Depending on the number of players, one of three boards is used for postmodernist policies:



Postmodern policies may have effects on game play, see below.
The sanctity of the faculty meeting is of the utmost importance! Once it begins with the Head drawing three Policy cards, faculty members stay silent until a policy has been enacted. Discarded policy cards may never be revealed; you must rely on the word of faculty leadership, who are allowed to lie.
If there are fewer than three cards remaining in the Policy deck at the end of a legislative session, shuffle them with the discard pile to create a new Policy deck. Unused policies should never be revealed, nor may they simply placed on top of the new Policy deck. If the government enacts a rational policy or a postmodernist policy that grants no power, begin a new round with a new Election. If the government enacts a postmodernist policy that grants power to the Department Chair, proceed to the Executive Action.

Executive Action

Whether by fate or choice, the faculty meeting may have adopted a postmodernist policy, moving the department away from excessive reductionism and granting the Deparmental Chair new powers to enforce collectivist fidelity. The Departmental Chair must enact the power granted in this round. Look at the Postmodernism policy track to determine which power, if any, has been granted.

  1. Diversity/harassment Training. The Department Chair investigates another player who has not yet been investigated by saying “I suggest [player name] be sent to a mandatory diversity/harassment training seminar”. The purpose of such a seminar is to ascertain the player’s ideological fidelity. That player passes his Allegiance Card (not his Identity!) to the Department Chair who checks that player’s allegiance in secret and then returns the card to the player. The Department Chair may share (or lie about!) the results of his investigation at his discretion, but may not show the card.
  2. Affirmative Action. The Department Chair chooses any other player at the table to be the next Department Chair candidate by passing that player the Department Chair placard. That player nominates a Head of Studies and the election proceeds as usual. After an Affirmative Action, the Departmental Chair returns to its original order.
  3. Adapt new Values Statement. The Department Chair secretly looks at the top three cards in the Policy deck and then returns them to the top of the deck without changing the order.
  4. Smear Campaign. The President fires one player at the table by saying “I fire [player name] because of [unreasonable charge of the player’s choice, excluding lack of academic excellence].” If that player is Sartre, he reveals his Identity Card and the game ends in a victory for the scientist. If the executed player is not Sartre he does not reveal his role or his loyalty. He is removed from the game and may not speak, vote, or run for office.
  5. Veto Power. After five postmodernist policies have been enacted, rational discourse among faculty members has been silenced, and departmental leadership gains much broader power over which policies are enacted. The Departmental Chair draws three policies, discards one, and passes the remaining two to the Head of Studies as usual. The Head of Studies may, instead of enacting either policy, say “This policy disadvantages [underprivileged group of player’s own choice, but not white males or Jews].” If the Departmental Chair consents, both policies are discarded and the Presidency placard passes to the left as usual. If the Departmental Chair does not consent, the Head of Studies must enact one of the two policies handed to him. Each use of the veto power represents an inactive leadership and advances the election tracker by one.

Fx zulu, beta, alfa, november, tango, uniform. (5)


Mit tredje forsøg på en dansk kryptisk krydsogtværs i den engelske »bjælkede« stil, som man kan finde hos Guardians Azed eller Times’ Listener.

Jeg finder det fortsat uhyre svært at komponere naturlige kryptiske nøgler på dansk, og resultatets kvalitet er langt under, hvad man kan finde en en almindelig engelsk avis.

Jeg prøver stadig at holde mig inden for de etablerede engelske regler, som nedfældet af mesteren Ximenes (What are Ximenean clues?).

Ikke mindst har jeg forsøgt at være nogenlunde stringent med at indikere definition ved eksempel. Hvis jeg fx vil beskrive HUND kan jeg gøre det ganske ligefremt ved en kategori (»Husdyr (4)«). Men hvis jeg vil indikere HUND ved at angive et eksempel, så skal jeg indikere det med »fx« eller »måske« eller lignende. Jeg kan altså skrive »Måske en schæfer (4)« eller »Lassie, fx (4)« men ikke bare »Grand Danois (4)«. Jeg finder selv, at de resulterende nøgler virker ganske kluntede i forhold til de tilsvarende engelske konstruktioner, men i første omgang bestræber jeg mig på at sætte så enkle kryptiske kryds og tværser som muligt, så æstetik og elegance må forblive underordnet indtil jeg bliver dygtigere.

Jeg har brugt samme gitter som til nummer 28.

PDF-udgave: no31. Løsning.

2 Småfed kvinde, travlt besat. (7)
7 Drej knækket krus. (4)
10 Tilpasning af dato: Patina ændres. (10)
11 Anarkistisk junta tilbageholder strøm d. 24. december. (7)
13 Atter skjult i lykkelig ensomhed. (4)
14 Ungt rådyr går frem og tilbage efter plante. (7)
15 Nu ses vrede efter Cæsars første folketælling. (6)
16 Eremit vaskede spejlet. (4)
17 Omorganiseret natolager bruges til kommunikation. (9)
21 Oprørt generer de dem, der bestemmer. (9)
25 En klovn tilbage til landet. (4)
27 Handles kort efter dyrket mark. (6)
29 Betragt i fuglekæbe en del af skelettet. (7)
30 Hvor man kan mødes omkring sagnvæsen. (4)
31 Hvad siger det lille lam i skrift til europæer. (7)
32 Omdanne sær, opdyrket jordart. (10)
33 Angrib rent ud. (4)
34 Tømt glas for hastig dukkert. (7)

1 Afvisning af smykke efter skaldyr på tog. (10)
2 Tænk nu gedens indvolde klemte. (7)
3 Slagmarken tabes i begyndelsen passivt. (6)
4 Fx zulu, beta, alfa, november, tango, uniform. (5)
5 Måske Gråbøl returnerer en frokost. (7)
6 Julemad i kristendommen fx, den sidder fast i munden. (7)
7 Station lever af større byer. (6)
8 Se rundt om min horisont. (6)
9 Flytte bruskfisk. (5)
12 Åbner udstilling: Firserne er misforstået. (10)
18 Bredt stykke stof gør din barm gyngende. (7)
19 Organ findes og yder. (7)
20 Lincoln, mellem venner, pruttede til vildt gilde. (7)
22 Gammelt ømtåleligt helium fx. (6)
23 Bære en rådden frugt. (6)
24 Promovere dansk kulturradikal uden ende. (6)
26 Fornuft er mærkelig baglæns på engelsk. (5)
28 Mesterskaber i vanvid i soveværelse fx. (5)

Conflicting git merge runs for several minutes. (3,5)


[as PDF]

A cryptic crossword themed around the distributed version control system git. This is partly inspired by the sorry state of the git documentation, which reads like a hodge-podge of cryptic clues on its own. I’m pretty happy with some of the surface readings.

Cryptic solvers with no understanding of git will have a very hard time with a few of these clues. On the other hand, git users without any understanding of cryptic clues will feel right at home.

1 git rebase a ref, keeping the current branch. (11)
8 It horizontally connects a group of developers that is second rate at heart. (3,4)
9 Port one good upstream class. (5)
10 Stash /home with Eclipse, say. (4)
11 Plumbing in git finally offers interface letting everybody test SHA1 abbreviations. (7)
13 Better bring changes from the repository into the working copy if you use Subversion. (6)
14 Announce merge of HEAD in real life. (6)
17 Repent misguided introduction of DVCS sham. (7)
19 Git in detached HEAD state at the beginning of checkout is a proverbial irritation. (4)
22 Rebuke from git-fetch I’d enjoy. (5)
23 Angry rant about central part of GUI editor reveals having a temperament of a particular kind. (7)
24 Social gathering attended by men only to regain a ludicrous git concept. (7,4)

1 Force print download objects and refs from another repository. (5)
2 Truly departed, I left and rewrote history. (7)
3 Pay attention to the editor features. (4)
4 Romeo to overplay origin, maybe. (6)
5 Conflicting git merge runs for several minutes. (3,5)
6 Sounds like the results of a collision, stupid. (5)
7 Made sense of the syntax, quietly bothered, … (6)
12 … and replaced caret with revspec’s second symbol, among others. (8)
13 Carefully analyse a French command to lose virginity. (6)
15 He makes changes later re compilation. (7)
16 Creator accepts first pull on computer, behaving with some degree of autonomy. (6)
18 Finally committed its changes. (5)
20 Hardy eccentric used lots of branch heads. (5)
21 Scandinavian man’s revolutionary version control system. (4)

(UPDATE: I’ve received a lot of feedback on this one, so I took another round polishing the surfaces. This is the 3rd revision.)

Er Norge i dette nedrustningsforsøg?


Mit andet forsøg på at komponere en kryptisk krydsogtværs i samme stil som Guardian’s Azed. Resultatet er nok lidt enklere at løse pga de mange krydsende bogstaver, men meget vanskeligere at sætte. Spørgsmålene er så ximeneanske som jeg nu kan gøre dem.


2 Jævner en sovs, spiller snerpe inderst inde. (7)
7 Sang lyder som vrede. (4)
10 Vedrørende en reaktion, ofte komisk, ophidset. (10)
11 Parlamentets førstekammer giver Sprogøe Rigshospitalet under starten af sommeren. (7)
13 Noget man skal huske: Udkanten af Maribo holder europamesterskaber. (4)
14 Spiste engelsk slik og det yderste af madæble af overbevisning. (7)
15 Støde på reklame til hende på fransk. (6)
16 Navn i hver tredje novellefilm. (4)
17 Tag om øse og betl som en ung pige. (9)
21 Lederne af Tiberius’ senat afskaffede retroaktivt denne smertefulde regeringsform. (9)
25 Fryse eller tilsande, kun lige. (4)
27 Kobberfarvet gin? Rør voldsomt. (6)
29 Stegt ret er nemlig vendt uden fagkundskab. (7)
30 Væremåder af indisk Premierminister. (4)
31 Strålebehandling for plante med karakter 1. (7)
32 Pervers analakt ses i udstilling på balkon. (10)
33 Del af mange armbåndsures tandhjul. (4)
34 Er Norge i dette nedrustningsforsøg? (7)

1 Mon efterretningtjenesten er indsat i kedeligt orkestermedlem? (10)
2 Organekspert sendes. (7)
3 Indhold af »De Fem« erindres flygtigt. (6)
4 Endeligt købe varm drik til stor kvinde. (5)
5 Overdreven hudlidelse dækker over begyndende trodsalder. (7)
6 Hårplejer mangler spænding omkring formiddagstid i USA. (7)
7 Fodring med modermælk til kejser af Kina, som indeholder kvælstof. (6)
8 Den sure kvinde har kigget efter mønster. (6)
9 Landtunge er tysk til midten af Femern. (5)
12 Jomfru Maria, hinde gennemboret af hjorten. (10)
18 Flottenhejmer fra Sjælland fx: partér en fugl der serveres juleaften. (7)
19 Kost er værktøj af højeste rang. (7)
20 Forvente en jomfru, de holder kort. (7)
22 Kvinde formodet at omvendes. (6)
23 Ses i februar, ej marts, Jonny. (6)
24 Bygningsværk med sol og i mange farver. (6)
26 Søge hurtigt, fx igennem en film af stjerner, inklusive Pacinos første. (5)
28 Kigge efter Rudolf for at gøre rent. (5)

At first, Eppstein liked minimum spanning trees. (4)

I spent a splendid week at Schloss Dagstuhl for Dagstuhl Seminar 14451: Optimality and tight results in parameterized complexity. As usual, this was intellectually extremely stimulating and very exhausting.

My head is full of tempting research ideas that I immediately need to pursue. Instead, I finalised a small cryptic crossword about parameterized complexity. If you are in the tiny demographic targeted by this puzzle, enjoy!

[As PDF]


7 Freethinker Nelson hides a smaller problem. (6)
8 Mr No is crazy for graphs like K5 and K3,3. (6)
9 Remote application for algorithm rejected initially. (4)
10 Uppermost parts of perennial Unix command for displaying acyclic graph in PostScript? (8)
11 Peer pressured? (8)
13 Gadget for viewing booty in the mirror. (4)
14 Leaders of Japanese universities lament yearly when ICALP is. (4)
15 The German left room before Erik Demaine briefly blushed. (8)
16 Holger Dell, perhaps, to date teen in disguise. (8)
19 At the start of reduction, apply a trick. (4)
20 Rod is covered in soft hair, reportedly. (6)
21 Importance of mean and variance, for instance. (6)

1 Important concept in exponential time complexity is belittling to slave. (4-9)
2 A connected, bridgeless cubic graph with chromatic index equal to 4 expresses “I love you” in a sharply critical fashion. (8)
3 Leaf lattice contains a set whose closure equals itself. (4)
4 Aunt had intercourse, as represented on a surface. (8)
5 Sounds like you mend one. (4)
6 Unix filesystem in important kernelization. (13)
12 Ask wordy drunk when Dagstuhl seminars take place. (8)
13 Robertson and Seymour’s results maybe confused me and others. (8)
17 Blow nose for very long running times. (4)
18 At first, Eppstein liked minimum spanning trees. (4)

I sent letters about Cersei’s first sexual relationship! (6)

A cryptic crossword themed after George R. R. Martin’s epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire. This is about as good and polished a cryptic as I can make it. Earlier drafts were run by the Facebook group Cryptic Crossword Society, which generated useful feedback. Enjoy!

Three entries are unclued, they form the puzzle’s solution.


[Whole thing as a single PDF for printing]. Solution.

1 Heathen ironborn plundered plowed field. (7)
5 Behaviour of a cruel and terrifying person—I therefore left leaders of Sorrowful Men. (7)
9 Sellsword captain carried goods, having a change of heart towards early retirement. (5)
10 Rev. Spooner escorted laggard to a guardsman sworn to House Lannister. (3,6)
11 Short moments filled with endless lay for relatives. (6,4)
12 Wants to sell daughter’s maidenhead and partially redeem maester. (4)
14 Ned heard two manoeuvres in despair. (11)
17 Reward tenth sworn brother of the Night’s Watch. (6,5)
19 Leave out central promise to Targaryen leader. (4)
20 A few groats and pennies holding unit back before first ride for Ser Duncan at Ashford Meadow, say. (10)
23 Dwarf returned cup-shaped metal object to unknown artisan. (9)
24 Eyrie facing the French is situated in a sheltered position. (7)
25 Hedge knight’s coat of ice is surrounded by expression of surprise. (7)

1 I sent letters about Cersei’s first sexual relationship! (6)
2 Initially festive, until Gwyneth and Cletus Yronwood’s banishment. (6)
3 Return command to Eddard before soldiers become priests. (7,3)
4 Solar remodelled for knight of the Kingsguard. (5)
5 Honor-clad, destroyed seat of a noble house in the Vale of Arryn. (3,6)
6 Noble house: A stag rampant. (4)
7 At home, Tangletongue consumed close friend. (8)
8 Sam mired in a mess, attending the Drowned God. (8)
13 Atop Reek, he jerked Jaime’s junk. (10)
15 Fails to disclose how an area can be fortified? (9)
16 Maesters and the King’s Hand, for example, cover the face after short announcement. (8)
18 House Mallister’s heraldic beast, beheaded in the morning, catches sunlight. (6)
21 Staunch and kingly, after change of allegiance. (5)
22 Bard sounds talented. (4)


Alan Turing gets pulled over by a police officer.

“Hi. I’m Alan. How may I help you?”

“Do you have any idea how fast you were going?”

“We are discussing you, not me.”

Kun et træk fra remis – hvor er champagnen? (5)

Endnu et kryptisk krydsord i den britiske tradition på dansk. Sværhedsgraden er meget let (tror jeg).

(Næsten) hver nøgle består af to dele, der sammen bevidst prøver at vildlede læseren. Den ene del af nøglen er en ligefrem forklaring, ganske som i skandinaviske korsord (synomym, beskrivelse, kategori, etc.) Den anden del af nøglen forklarer samme begreb igen, gerne med hjælp af et langsøgt ordspil. Et specialtilfælde er den dobbelte definition, hvor begge dele er ligefremme nøgler. I modsætning til skandinaviske krydsord bør hele nøglen have en entydig løsning. Mere (på engelsk) på Solve a Cryptic Crossword på Wikihow eller Cryptic Crossword på Wikipedia.


8 Kun et træk fra remis – hvor er champagnen? (5)
9 Image og ambition for ankenævnet? (7)
10 Varmt agterparti. (7)
11 Første tone i adagio for blæseinstrument af træ. (5)
12 Derek, måske, udtrykker glæde omkring dans. (6)
13 Ødelægger fugle. (6)
15 Kan være gul, blå eller rød og bor foran hulrum. (6)
17 Resultater udsender et signal. (6)
20 De allierede holder på det jævne. (5)
22 Biskop fra smukt udstyret værelse. (7)
24 Studerende har opgivet ungkarletilværelsen for narkotika eller alkohol. (7)
25 I løbet af et naturstridigt fænomen. (5)

1 Fang en ådselæder. (4)
2 Børnebogsfigur med mandlig kraft og styrke holder Gargamels hovede. (6)
3 Jernvarer, husgeråd, værktøj og maskiner skal ødelægges. (8)
4 Lad være med at huske om starten af Odysseen beskriver en levende statue. (5)
5 Højtidelig erklæring ved dansk digt. (4)
6 Dårlige råd, som består af ganske få bogstaver. (6)
7 Bruden er betuttet af tilbeder. (8)
12 Betro bil, som skal repareres, til nogen, der lægger vægt på aftalens ordlyd. (8)
14 Gummi er juks? Akut forvirring. (8)
16 Osende trafik på Fyn. (6)
18 Indholdsløs machiavellisme hos opadstræbende forbillede afslører et motiv. (6)
19 Flytte socialklasse. (5)
21 Aflevere tilbage til enhver tid. (4)
23 Vandområde i morænelandskabet med dybde og retning. (4)

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