Professor of Computer Science, Lund University

Associate professor, IT University of Copenhagen

Ph.D. in Computer Science (Aarhus, 1997)
Docent (Lund, 2007)

Member of the advisory board of the TheoretiCS journal and the Scientific Council of lex.dk.


My research is in theoretical computer science, namely algorithms. I began in data structures, but in the last few years the focus has been on combinatorial optimisation (“algorithms for hard problems”, if you want). Most of my recent results are in exponential time algorithms.

I enjoy telling people about my research and theoretical computer science in general and am happy to give general audience talks, in Danish, English, German, or Swedish. Contact me if you’re interested.


I teach Computer Science courses at all levels, with a bit of maths
thrown in.

2017, also:

I am a member of the Lund Science faculty’s Pedagogical Academy and have received a number of recognitions I’m very proud of:

Departmental level

Faculty level

University level