Origami, Gift Wrapping, and How to Fold a Road Map

Origami, the art of paper folding, is not only a highly entertaining, engrossing, and aesthetically pleasing activity, it is also intimately connected to the abstract and intangible science of computation.

Foredrag og klippe-folde-pusle-aktiviteter om beregningsgeometri og kompleksitet.
Kombination av föredrag och pyssel (klippa! vika! pussla!) om beräkningsgeometri från leksaksproblem till industriell produktion.

This lecture combines a popular science presentation about the fascinating computational aspects of origami and other puzzles such as Sudoku and Tangram, with various paper folding activities for ages 8–80. Some of these are really difficult! I have used this in various contexts, including high school students, popular science events for families, and team building activities.

  • 10 oktober 2008 (Københavns kulturnat) ITU
  • 3 mars 2005. Arbetslag Bästa formen, SVT Malmö.
  • 9, 10, 11 mars 2004. Lunds universitet, Naturvetenskap och teknikdagar för gymnasieelever.

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