LUNA Pedagogical Prize 2007

I am very proud to have received the 2007 pedagogical prize awarded by the student federation at the Natural Science faculty at Lund University, LUNA. Teaching is the part of my job that I do best and enjoy the most, and it is supremely satisfying to have this recognized.

I am grateful to whoever nominated me.

The Prize

Apart from a nice diploma that will be decorating my office wall, the prize is a wandering trophy in the form of an apple, I assume the reference is Biblical or Newtonian, rather than Cupertinian. The whole thing is huge and very, very heavy. The trophy comes with a smaller copy that I get to keep.

A metal plaque displays the previous winners, which I decipher to be:

  • 1998: Sven-Olle Nilesen
  • 1999: Anders Ahlberg
  • 2001: Eric Warrant
  • 2002: Tomas Brage
  • 2003: Lennart Jönsson
  • 2004: Per Nyström
  • 2005: Olof Berglund
  • 2006: Jep Agrell
  • 2007: Thore Husfeldt


The motivation reads as follows:

Det framgår tydligt att han verkligen “brinner” för ämnet och att han trivs med att undervisa. Hans föreläsningar brukar hålla en väldigt hög kvalité samtidigt som de ofta har en del humoristiska inslag, en trevlig kontrast till allvaret.

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